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1D and Teen Wolf Ships

I am no longer accepting ship number 3. All requests in my inbox are for 3 and it takes the longest so only 1 and 2 are available. If you are confused on this post refer to first post about ships.

Extra Awesome Ship for midnightfuckingmemories

I ship you with:



You are both sweet and dorky. Your love of art and writing compliments his love of music and performing. You both use art to express yourselves, just in different ways. Also the idea of your tiny 5’5 self and his tall 5’11 self is beautiful. 

Best Friend:


He’s adorkable and can make you laugh without being obnoxious. 



You both may have art in common, but his antisocial and mysterious demeanor doesn’t match well with your social butterfly personality. 

First Date:

Harry knows you love to be out with your friends so your first date is in a group. You guys all go out for pizza and then late night cosmic bowling. It’s fun and easygoing. 




"It’s your turn Y/N!" says harry as he nudges your side.

You laugh nervously as you slowly walk up and pick up a colored ball. You were probably one of the worst bowlers and you really didn’t want to embarrass yourself in front of Harry.

"Focus….focus," you whispered to yourself as you lined your body up with the lanes.

Your hands were sweating as you stared at the pins ahead of you. You bounced from foot to foot trying to decide how you were going to do this. You wiped your forehead, grasped the ball tightly and slowly slung your arm back. Your were just about to let the ball go when you felt a hand touch your back gently.

"Here let me help." harry said as he positioned one of his hands on your back and the other other hand on your arm.

"Just keep your eyes on the prize. Relax. Don’t over think what you’re doing." he encouraged as he guided your arm back. 

Your whole body was fuzzy. The warmth slowly rising to your cheeks as Harry touched you.You were no longer aware of anything that was happening until..

"STRIKE!" Your friends yelled from behind

You stared ahead to see all the pins knocked down. 

"See I told you. Piece of cake." said Harry as he smiled down at you.

You smiled back at Harry.



Love this

First Kiss:



I do a lot of weird things. I do a lot of weird movements.
1D and Teen wolf Ships

How it works:

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The more detailed you are the better the ship. (There is no such thing as too much information!! I will read it all)

Types of Ships

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     - First Date Imagine (includes pictures, short drabble and the outfit you wear)

3. Extra Awesome

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    -Best Friend
    - Enemy
    - First Date Imagine (includes pictures, short drabble, and the outfit you wear)
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PS: If you have already requested a ship it’s okay to request again.


I am the only one who does this orr…




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